February 16, 2015

Yes, He knows exactly where you are right now

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As believers and followers of Jesus, we know that God created all, knows all, sees all, and controls all. He has seen our whole life like a snapshot in His hand. We know His eye is on the sparrow and that He watches us (thank you, Civilla Martin, from lyrics written in 1905). But … do we believe it? Do we show it in how we live our lives? God’s Word gives us so many examples of His Truth. But His Truth is just as true today as it was in the Old Testament and New Testament times.

Here’s a story from Brother Jacob in Mozambique. This appeared in Daily Courage, which is a devotional from Open Doors that is published by Crosswalk. The content comes from Day by Day With The Persecuted Church, still my favorite daily devotional. It’s styled like a traditional devotional and the content is written by persecuted Christians. Read this and know that as a believer, God knows exactly where you are right now. Whether in the valley, on the mountaintop, or somewhere in-between, He knows. And He’s there.

Brother Jacob

When I was arrested I was worried about my family. How would they cope without me? I realized however that to worry about them would not solve their problems; neither would it make prison life easier for me. At the same time I had to prove to my fellow prisoners that, as a Christian, I had no reason to worry. I prayed for my family, that the Lord would take care of them.

Some weeks after my arrest, a woman brought some food to me in prison. This is a custom in our country. The food was nicely prepared, a bowl of rice with meat on top. I started eating the food with great enjoyment. When I got close to the bottom I saw that something was hidden there. I carefully scraped the rice away with the spoon to find a tiny plastic bag. Inside the bag was only a piece of paper. My hands shook as I pulled the scrap of paper from the plastic. It was a very short note from the lady who had brought me the food, saying, “Your family is fine. Other Christians are looking after them. We pray for you.” Peace and joy flowed into my heart.

Worry breaks us down. Trust builds us up. Put your trust in the Lord – for yourself, your loved ones and for your fellow Christians, because He cares.

We can all identify with “worry breaks us down, trust builds us up.” Choose to trust in the Lord today … and everyday.

Choosing to trust,