July 23, 2012

What if the Bible didn’t exist?

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A significant part of the Open Doors ministry has always been about putting a Bible in the hands of a persecuted Christian who does not have one.  The idea that someone who wants a Bible couldn’t have one both breaks my heart and fuels a passion.  Especially given the access I have to God’s Word (different translations, in my hands, on my phone, on my computer).

Morning readings led me to the 300 million people (another cite says 350 million) for whom a Bible doesn’t even exist.  A Bible does not even exist.  The Bible has not been translated into some 2,100 languages and of those, 1,600 languages are spoken by less than 10,000 people. Wycliffe is a prominent and respected organization in this ministry. Their Last Languages Campaign has a vision to start the translation in every remaining language in the world by 2025.

How do you think your life would be different without a Bible?  If there wasn’t even one you could borrow or read occasionally or see online- that it simply didn’t exist?  It’s not hard for me to imagine my own life without the Bible.  I’ve spent more of more lifetime not reading God’s Word than I have reading it.  It was always available to me.  It was gathering dust on the bookshelf or at times, it hadn’t even been unpacked from the last move.  God knew when I would pick up His Word and make it an active part of my everyday life.  And I know the impact it has had on me and my walk in the Spirit.  I’m thankful for His faithfulness, for His patience, for His mercy, and for His grace.

Please pray for the Bible translating ministries; for God’s provision to meet the financial, people, and logistical challenges to produce a Bible in every language in the world.  Pray for those who don’t have a Bible in their language; that they will follow the direction of the Holy Spirit, who speaks the Truth and leads them on their journey.

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