August 28, 2012

Superman in Iraq?

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Most of our children (and most of us) played Superman at one time or another. All you needed was a cape and you were transformed to super hero status. Saving the universe. Or maybe your tree house or your bedroom fort.

Did you ever think about children in Iraq playing Superman? It really is a small world. The story below is about one such boy. It reminds me of several young boys I met in Iraq earlier this year. This story from the Standing Strong Through The Storm devotional could have been about any one of them. You will never look at a young child in a cape in quite the same way after reading this story.

A young Christian boy in Iraq shares this insight after the bombing of his church in late 2010:

I always imagine having a special cape, like superman wears, as I run in and out of my sister’s bedroom. The cape is gold with red print just like the curtains in our dining room. I think of myself as a protector of the royal realm and my sister as a princess to guard – well, ok, when she isn’t making me mad.

I used to play outside, but when the war started we had to play inside all the time. When we do go outside we take the car, but I help my dad check under the car first for bombs. We are always checking things around the house and everyone is very nervous when we travel even short trips around the city. We even have some suitcases stuffed with things in case we have to leave in the middle of the night. I wonder if any of my toys will fit in those bags.

A really, really bad thing happened at our church and I lost a lot of my friends.  They were all killed. I didn’t see it, but I heard most of the stories. I think lots of things will never be the same and that I need to take the role of protector and guardian of the realm. If I have this special cape I can protect my family.

At night before my sister goes to bed my parents pray with her. I can hear my sister now. She is praying, “God help that they don’t bomb another church and that there are no car bombs, stop the blood.” She has been very scared since the bad thing happened in the church and my mom often comes to her at night to pray with her again after nightmares. She didn’t used to have these things.

Then my dad comes to pray for me. He tells me that Jesus will take care of us and I mustn’t worry. He tells me that God even loves the people who hurt us. He tells me that Jesus is love – and that it is something like my special cape.

A daily devotional message by Paul Estabrooks
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