September 20, 2011

Sees, Believes, Receives

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We first learn of Joseph, son of Rachel, at his birth in Genesis 30:24, and we follow his life through to his death, at the age of 110, in Genesis 50:26.  It’s a life story that God’s Word provides to us in much detail.  Today’s “Day by Day With The Persecuted Church” devotional was written by Enrique Palacio from Cuba.

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“It seems that God wants us to know all the details of the faith that perseveres.  Joseph resisted hatred, injustice, temptations and maybe the most difficult of all: success, prosperity and power.”

“From his life we learn: 

  • faith is not moved by adversity 
  • faith that persists is not shaken by false accusations
  • it is not blurred by promises that never seem to come true
  • it is not limited to the present, but projects to the future.”

“The faith that persists: 

  • sees the invisible
  • believes the impossible
  • receives the incredible.”
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