February 9, 2015

On This Day …

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truthOne of my regular morning readings is Today In the Word from the Moody Bible Institute. This morning’s reading included the recommendation to write my own poem or hymn of praise to God. I can’t say my heart produced either a poem or a hymn, but writing some of God’s Truths that were on my heart was an act of praise. And it lifted me up. I shared it with my family at Journey Church and later, felt it was the perfect post to resume blogging after a two year absence while I was attending seminary.

On This Day

Disciples of Christ, members of God’s family, claim this for YOURSELF today!


God is on His Throne.

God is in Control.

God never changes; He is the Same yesterday, today, and forever.

God has new, fresh Mercies for me every morning.

God will complete His work to make me like Christ.

God calls me to come Boldly to His Throne to talk to Him.

I have an unshakeable Kingdom.

I have the Power that raised Christ from the dead living in me.

I am His Masterpiece.

I am His special Treasure.

I am Loved beyond my wildest imagination.

I am Loved unconditionally.

Nothing that Happens is unexpected to God.

Nothing shakes Him from His Throne.

Nothing makes Him give up on me and walk away.

Nothing can separate me from His Love.

Nothing I see, hear, feel, or experience changes His Truths.

Nothing changes how the story ends – God wins, I win.