April 13, 2012

North Korea: Failed Rocket Launch, What’s Next?

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Washington Post: North Korea’s failed rocket launch …

The North Korean government proceeded to launch their missile/ satellite yesterday, against American, South Korean, and Japanese wishes.  The launch failed, blowing up 81 seconds after lift-off.  The North Korean government even admitted it failed, which is rare.
The US said that the food agreement negotiated back in February, providing much needed food to the starving North Korean population, is now dead given that the government proceeded with the launch.  Such a horrible decision by the North Korean government – whether or not the launch succeeded or failed – to put military interests above those of feeding its own people.
Even though this is the third missile launch failure, it’s the first for the new leader Kim Jong Eun, at 29 years old, the world’s youngest head of state.  And with Sunday marking huge celebrations for the 100th birthday of Kim Sung-Il, other world leaders expect that the government may proceed with a nuclear test in an effort to save face with its people.
  • Praying for the well-being of all the people of North Korea …
  • Praying for the government leaders to prioritize feeding people above building military …
  • Praying for wisdom for the North Korean leaders and that they will abandon nuclear test plans …
  • Praying for endurance and strong faith for the North Korean Christians …
  • Praying for Jesus to become known and accepted as Savior for the North Korean non-believers.

On God’s promises,


To join the prayer group that is focused on North Korea for the two weeks beginning April 15th, please see the blog post, North Korea: Your Light Has Come.

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