July 18, 2010

Mowing with God

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Who likes to mow the yard?  Occasionally I talk to someone who says they like to mow the yard (but certainly a lot more who don’t like to).  I am one of those who does. 

Mowing at the lakehouse is a 3-4 hour job consisting mostly of stirring up dust and avoiding rocks and stumps.  But it’s one of those things I can think about doing, go do it, and actually finish it.  Then it’s done for another week or two, depending on the rainfall.  And it always looks fantastic.  There is a sense of accomplishment; of having started and finished something and liking the outcome.

But why do I like mowing?  It has become an awesome time to worship God.  My mower is so loud that you can’t hear anything, there’s no cell phone/ iPod/ iPhone/ or other accessory that can overcome the mower’s roar (believe me, I’ve tried), there’s no opportunity to be disturbed … it’s just me and God … mowing the yard.  I may go through my prayer list, or pray intensely about something at the forefront of my mind, or recount my blessings and praise God that my cup runneth over, or meditate on scriptures I read that morning, or one of my all-time favorites, just ask Jesus what He would have me do today.  It’s turned out to be a fulfilling worship – every time.  One where I’m convicted, saved, and raised up again, as I feel Jesus drawing me nearer to Him.

It has been said that we can worship outside of a church building, that we can worship at any time of day, that we can worship at any place.  This is my testimony that taking an open, humble, repentant, loving heart out to mow the yard can be the best thing you’ll do all day.  And if that works well for ya, then try weed eating.

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