May 21, 2011

Faith is …

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“Faith is confidence that God is acting for my highest good when He answers “NO” to my prayers.”

The book titled “Faith Is” was written by Pamela Reeve in 1994. My sister gave it to me this week. Thank you, Sis, what a beautiful, faith-building gift! It’s a quick read, and I’ve already devoured it, but it’s also one that I’ll want to read again and again. Filled with quotes and scripture about faith, I’m sure it will reveal more to me, more about me, depending on the circumstances of the day.

The above quote is on the front inside cover of the book – before you even get to page one! And it immediately grabbed me and convicted me. For the past few days, I’ve been trying to figure out what God’s “NO” looks like or sounds like. That sounds funny and reminds me of, “What part of NO don’t you understand.” But what I mean is that I’m generally expecting a “YES”. I’m thinking “my idea” is just superb and I’m asking for guidance on “how to do it”, not on “if to do it”.

If it’s my idea, not taken to and validated by God, then I can be sure it’s likely to fail. He gives me that inner peace when it’s His idea. I’ve experienced it. There is no mistaking it. God concerns Himself with my motives (see Proverbs 21:2) while too often I’m concerned about outcomes. I need to spend more time on motives and no time on outcomes; God has that covered.

Faith is being at peace with leaving the outcomes in God’s hands.

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