July 1, 2011

Day 3 @Cornerstone, Part 1: Observations From Blind Munchies

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The Blind Munchies Coffeehouse, out of Wisconsin, has definitely been a blessing! Nice big tent, great iced latte, friendly folks, and lots of room to spread out (and I can get some phone reception here). Thanks Blind Munchies!  They told me the coffeehouse was owned by a guy in Philadelphia (?) and when he died, he willed the place to the pastor who brought him to the Lord.  It’s now a non-profit organization that supports mission work.  For the festival, proceeds are going to the Philippines.

1.  I see five tables with one person at each.  Morning devotion time.  Reading their Bibles.  Seeking direction for the day?  Praying for something specific?  Talking to the LORD.

2.  I see two women together – maybe mother and daughter – each writing in their journals.  What they did yesterday?  Blessings from yesterday?  Thoughts from this morning’s reading of the scriptures?

3.  I see a 60 year guy and a 20 year old woman having an indepth discussion about the difference in motorcycles and mopeds.  They must both be engineers.

4.  I see a group of six men and women, who are discussing 1 John.

5.  I see my Blogging Nomadic Apostles instructor. Even The Tall Skinny Kiwi needs coffee.

6.  John and I are discussing a morning devotional about James being martyred; the first of Jesus’ disciple (second martyr, after Stephen).  And the question posed by the devotional was, “If someone in your church leadership was killed for their faith today, how would that impact attendance on Sunday morning?  Would you still go?”

Coffee, people interacting and sharing around their beliefs, people in communication with the LORD in however they do it … priceless.

     Loving the Journey,


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