July 8, 2010

Bomb(er)s Away!

It’s finally here, the State tournament for the 8 year old, Batesville Bombers All-Stars baseball team.  Jonesboro is being invaded by these young’uns from all over the State.  As for the Batesville contingency, it’s 12 boys, 3 coaches, all the families, some grandparents, and at least one great-grandparent (my Mom). They play two games on Friday and that sets the stage for Saturday and Sunday.

At this late date, we’ve lost count of how many practices have been held, how many times they struck out, how many hits they got, and I don’t know if the boys know how many games they have won and lost this year (they each had their own team before coming to the All-Stars).  But it’s clear they have learned that it’s better to WIN than LOSE.  Some lost innocence there; seems like only yesterday when the game would be over and they would be running around asking if they won or not.  They’re growing up; they’ve learned that if you don’t win, you don’t get to keep playing.

They have also learned about dedication and commitment.  It’s no small deal to put in the time that they have and it’s altered the families’ plans for other activities.  But it’s also brought the families’ together for some awesome quality time.  I hope they are taking advantage of that time together.  It’s given the coaches some quality fellowship time with each other and with each other’s family.  And coaching 8 year old’s; well, that’s got to be a good lesson in patience too.  All good stuff.

Regardless of the score this weekend, they all deserve congratulations … they are all WINNERS!  The boys on my grandson’s Dawson’s team, including Dawson, have improved so much since the beginning of the season.  And that’s a tribute to them and their coaches.  GO BOMBERS!!!

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