May 9, 2012

Be The Light

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"In a world of darkness … Let there be Light"

Wore that t-shirt on the drive from Little Rock to Destin yesterday. It prompted two encounters:

Kindra, a cashier at the Flying J Travel Service read the front of my shirt and said, "Well, what about the world of darkness?" I turned around and she read out loud, "Let there be Light." She smiled and said, "I agree!" After giving me my change, she said, "He was the Light and he told us to be the Light." I said, "You speak the truth!" We exchanged smiles, wished each other good day, and I left. Left with a warmer heart.

John Dodd, an elderly man at the CVS Drug Store, turned from the cashier to leave the store and saw my shirt. Sandi was in line to get some stuff and I was waiting off to the side, absorbed in responding to an email on the iPhone. He read the front of the shirt out loud; I turned around and he read the back out loud. "Amen!" he said. And then John told me he was a minister for 40 years; was a chaplain in the US Army; he and his wife were missionaries in Kenya for 13 years; and he pastored small churches in Alabama, New Mexico, Colorado, and California. I left with a prayer on my heart for Pastor John and for the people of Kenya.

God is always at work. He "will neither slumber nor sleep" (Ps 121:4). Look for His Light today. Be His Light today.

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