April 9, 2012

An Untitled Song

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Sometimes life may seem overwhelming,
It may seem like all the cards,
May be stacked against you.
I can promise you one thing,
No matter how bad it may all seem,
You don’t have to be,
All alone.

Sometimes the weight of the world,
Can be shared.
Lift the guilt from your shoulders,
Confess the world away.
Let the sun shine,
Through the dark of the storm.
Don’t give up,
Help is on the way.

Throughout the twists,
And the turns,
Faith can hold you true,
To the path to greener fields.
Even the worst of storms,
Are only temporary.

I can swear to you,
Put your faith in God,
And all will be alright.
Within grace,
All is forgiven.
Forget the past,
Embrace the gift that is given every day,
Never believe,
That you’re ever alone.

By Kaleb McMahan
(my 17-year old grandson)

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