December 20, 2013

All I want for Christmas is …

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For the last couple of years I have posted my Christmas Wish List – specific items for support of our family-in-Christ suffering simply because they choose to believe in Him.
Every year, Open Doors USA produces a “Gifts of Hope” catalog. These donations allow us to target our support to a specific area of type of need that is on our heart. There are about 40 specific gifts identified, with prices for every price range. 
And for those who feel the tug on their heart to give, but just don’t know where or for what, there’s always the “Give Where Needed Most” option. The Open Doors family has an excellent record of using our donations where the need is greatest. And apart from God, I don’t know of anyone who knows where that need is more than Open Doors!
As I prayed through the Gifts of Hope catalog, there were four gifts that jumped off the page for me. First, sending the Gospel to Iraq. I’ve been to Iraq and hugged on persecuted believers there and I’ll always feel called to help them. Second, the training on how to stand strong in the faith through persecution is so vital and necessary. Many don’t want to flee, they want to stay and this training has proven itself year after year. Third, training Middle East women – learning to read and learning a skill can totally transform the life of a woman in this part of the world. Fourth, training South Vietnamese women to lead in the church touches my heart. For one thing, I had a dear Vietnamese friend. For another, when a pastor is martyred, it is often the wife who carries on the ministry.
Sending the Gospel to Iraq

$5 delivers the Gospel to those requesting it in Iraq
Make it 5 Gospels for $25 or 10 for $50!
Attending a “Standing Strong Through The Storm” Seminar

$80 sends a believer to training about staying through persecution

Training Middle Eastern Christian Women
$58 provides vital training for a sister

Training South Vietnamese Christian Women Leaders

$38 trains women leaders in the church




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