The discussion about whether to take in Syrian refugees has weighed heavily on my heart.¬†I get that this is a really hard decision and that it’s one that has significant consequences. How would I feel if I were the guy who said YES to allowing Syrian refugees into Little Rock, and they turned out to be terrorists that executed a plot to destroy and kill my family, friends, and neighbors? I can’t imagine. On the other hand, if I were the guy who said NO to those refugees, what do.. read more

This is a post about my friend, my pastor, my mentor, my nephew-by-marriage, Alex. Yesterday marked the last Sunday of his family attending¬†Journey Church before they move to Oklahoma City. Next week would be three years since I was ordained at Journey Church and I have been serving alongside Alex for that time as well as the three years before becoming a pastor. How we have grown together … How our wives have grown together … How a stronger relationship with Jesus makes for a stronger relationship between those following.. read more

There I was, in front of 70 sixth, seventh, and eighth graders, in a public school, praying with them for the persecuted church. Is this really happening? Somebody pinch me so I know this is real! Who hasn’t struggled with relationships at school (at work)? Who hasn’t felt left out, not liked by those you want to like you? Who hasn’t felt really alone? You could tell these students knew those feelings and likely some were right there right now. And that’s how our time together started. That’s how a.. read more